New Payday Loan Lenders

New Payday Loan Lenders are not as plentyful as they once were and at one stage it was thought they just might be extinct!

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After the great credit crunch and credit crises of 2008, the Financial Conduct Authority flexed it’s muscles and promised to sort out the financial sector of the UK.

That was a huge statement and undertaking to make and it is thought that their work of regulation might never really be finished, but it has certainly started to make differences in the financial world.

Greedy Payday Loan Lenders

Payday Loan Lenders to be honest, got a very bad name in the past for their sharp loan practices and new regulations were overdue coming into effect.

Payday Lenders could really charge whatever interest rates they wanted, added fees on top and if you defaulted at all, by even one penny, on came the extra default fees, rollover charges, interest on top of interest giving compound interest payable.

So, when the FCA threatened them with restrictions, many Payday Loan Lenders actually closed their doors to new lending and some even went out of business.

Good New Payday Loan Lenders

The result of all this new regulation means that there are less payday lenders, but the companies that are left are all regulated and are not allowed to charge excessively.

This is good news for you the borrower and it is a good time to be taking out a new loan.

All of the New Payday Loan Lenders near me shown on this website are all regulated and approved and you can apply with confidence by clicking on the links and banners to get started.

If you are approved online for a loan and get an offer, you can be sure that you will receive full and clear details of the new credit agreement.

All of the terms and conditions of the new loan will be detailed out in a transparent way, with easy to understand terminology.

Payday Loan Lenders

You do not have to accept any loan offer that you are not happy with. However, if the credit agreement is satisfactory to you and will suit your financial circumstance, then accepting the new loan is as easy as a few clicks.

Have a good look around a number of financial websites first to make sure you get the best deal possible, with the lowest interest rate available for your credit circumstances.

The new type of Payday Loans that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority are now a good way to helping with your financial emergencies that sometimes arise, as you will be protected from excessive interest rates and fees.

Hopefully you will get a loan from the New Payday Loan Lenders we advertise on this website.

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