Home Loans

Home Loans or home improvement loans are larger scale personal loans that home owners or tenants apply for when repairs or renovations need to be conducted to their home.

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A home loan is also commonly taken out when insurance will not cover damage caused by a storm or other disaster.

Only a home owner can take out a secured loan, as these are secured on the property they own.

These are normally for large amounts, providing there is enough equity in the property and there is sufficient income to service the monthly loan repayments.

Home improvement loans are usually approved quickly, because they increase the value of the property.

Home Loans

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Are you keen to make some improvements to your current home?

Nowadays instead of moving house more and more home owners are deciding to stay put and make improvements to their current home to improve it and to make it work for them.

This is on the rise as many home owners have no equity in their home, in fact, more likely in deficient and so unable to move.

Some home owners may be in the position of not being able to sign up for a new mortgage as their circumstances are not strong enough to be accepted for a mortgage to be able to move.

Due to this, making the improvements to their current home is a more realistic alternative and so they are in the position to apply for home loans to make it happen.

Any purpose home owner loans

There are many ways home owners can use their home loan.

They may decide to make a small extension to increase the size of their home.

They may decide to create a larger living space by knocking down dividing walls and redecorating.

They may live in an older home with original decor and so may need to update the bathroom or kitchen to make it more liveable.

No matter what the home owner will use the home loan for you can be guaranteed when applying through LocaLoans you will receive an excellent and professional service.

LocaLoans is customer focused and will only match the applicant with a home loan for all that best suits them and their circumstances.

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You will have the choice of either an unsecured loan or a secured loan.

Unsecured loans are normally smaller in value, with a limit usually of £25,000 and you will also need to have a good credit score to get one as well.

If you own property that has some equity in it, this would be ideal to use as a secured loan.

Although the loan is secured on your property, you will find that you do not need to have good credit, you can borrow much higher amounts, depending on the equity and you will get lower interest rates too.

As you can see, if you are able to use a secured loan, this is definitely the way to go for the best loan option.

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