No Guarantor Loans

Whilst loans having a guarantor can be useful if you have been turned down by a number of loan companies one after the other, your preference would be to get no guarantor loans instead.

It can be awkward sometimes having to approach someone you know to be a loan guarantor for you, so we will only look at non guarantor loans instead.

Finding No Guarantor Loans Online

In fact, most loan companies do not require a guarantor, so this should increase the number of online loan lenders that will look at your new loan application for you.

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You are then looking for an unsecured personal loan under £25,000, otherwise if you are looking for more than this, you will need a secured loan instead.

Secured loans are only for people who own their own homes or other property and that has enough equity to secure a loan to it.

Secured loans do not need a person who is a guarantor, as the property itself actually becomes the guarantor as such.

If the person defaults on the secured loan payments, instead of knocking on the door of the person who was the guarantor, they will take the property instead!

This is a lot more serious and dramatic, so you need to be careful you can keep up the payments of all loans you take out, but especially secured loans and mortgages.

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Loan Companies that do not require a guarantor

The loan links on this page when clicked on, will take you to suitable loan companies that do not require you to have a loan guarantor.

The loan companies are all registered and approved with the Financial Conduct Authority and you are safe to use them to apply for your new loan online today.

Once you fully complete their online new loan application form and then submit it, the loan system will search for credit and loan companies that will accept your application.

It will take a couple of minutes for the search to complete, but when it is finished, you will be matched with the most suitable loan lender and at the best loan rate possible as well.

Always read through the full details of any loan offer you are given online and do not be afraid of asking the lender any questions you want the answers to.

Once you are happy that the loan offer suits your particular financial circumstances, you can just accept the offer online.

This will start the loan processing right away, the result of which will be the paying out of your no guarantor loans online funds into your own bank account.

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